Monday, September 26, 2011

A work-buddy of Pearl's called Annette wanted to take part in the fabulous fabric clear out, and so ordered 2 skirts and a bolero. What champ! She and Pearl are fighting the good fight at the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance, meeting and greeting all kinds of famous and glamorous celebrities, so it's important that they look EXCELLENT at all times.
Hopefully some ex-tablecloths and tea-towels featuring fauna and fauna will fit the bill.
Annette will be the recipient of "Galah: Mark 2" featuring the same tea-towel as the skirt I made for Lilly, of Frocks and Frou Frou, a while back. This time, the birdies have been teamed with some grey cord, which I was pretty bloody happy with. I was also in the mood for some stitching and buttoning, so these got a little look in too. I like this kind of detailing because it adds a bit of interest, and is also functional, holding down the top of the little pleat that I sometimes like to add into the front of my skirts, especially the ones with a tea-towel panel.
I generally don't include the "greetings from" bit of the teatowels, just in case the person receiving the skirt has some bad memories of a holiday taken to the place, or some such. But the font on this "Greetings from Nambour" was too great to cut off.
It's a piece of art unto itself!
Skirt number 2 is made from a pretty gorgeous linen tablecloth featuring some Australian wildflowers. It was in immaculate condition, so the linen is really beautiful and textured. Red patch pocket for fun and practicality and to bring out the gorgeous red of the waratahs. I had really wanted to use green spotty binding on the top, but Spotlight were all out! I was disappointed at the time, but after I substituted with the cream and black, decided it was a very very close second.
Now, the bolero. While it doesn't technically fit the briefing Annette provided for me (pale, neutral colours to go with everything) I just couldn't resist using this fabric which I have had for ages, but had forgotten about because it was hiding under the kids' bed.
When I found it, I wanted to use it immediately, and thought it would make a pretty rad bolero. And it does! And it is pale (kind of) and I reckon it will go with lots of things, if not everything.

Also hot off the sewing machine in the last 24 hours, "Lyrebirds: Mark 2".
I love making 2 of the 'same' skirt, because they're never actually the same! This one was for a friend of Pearl's mum's. What a radster! She was keen on the lyrebird skirt I made for Lizzie, and had expressed an interest in venturing into some brighter sartorial territory, so I thought this was a good little segue. The grey cord brings it down a little, but the greens and blues are still there for the appreciatin' and the little button array (again, holding down the pleat) highlights them. Di, I hope you like it!


  1. LOVE that bolero! Miss Annie, you are a genius!

  2. Love all of the skirts, particularly the last one! The colors are fantastically vibrant!