Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The trouble with a loose weave...

is that no matter how small the stitches are, it will, when you wear it, probably pull through and start to fall apart. Not what you want from a totally beautiful skirt with a bird on it.
A few months ago the lovely Louisa asked me to make her a skirt from a teatowel she had found, which was nothing short of stunning, and some freakishly complementary fabric that she had found somewhere else. I sewed up the skirt, using my usual tea-towel-smack-bang-in-the-front-of-the-a-line skirt pattern mostly because it seemed just too beautiful to cut up. I was slightly apprehensive about the loose nature of the weave on the tea-towel, so selected a short stitch length, overlocked, and then folded over the seams and sewed them down. This sometimes works, and sometimes doesn't.

As you can see, not so successful this time.
Back to the drawing board, which in this case was not so bad, and it has been unanimously agreed that the new skirt is better than the original - phew!
So, what did I do to mend this tremendous error? Well, I made a whole new skirt out of some navy drill I had hanging around.
There wasn't enough of the freakishly complimentary fabric to make another skirt, so it had to be happy as a little feature strip on the side of the front panel.

The bird, we decided, would do well as a little applique, so I ironed it onto some vliesofix (seriously, your best friend when doing anything related to applique) and then stitched it very carefully and very thoroughly onto the front of the skirt.
And then it was done, and I was happy, and Louisa was happy, and I think if the bird wasn't just an illustration of a bird cut out from a teatowel, it would have been happy too.

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