Saturday, June 19, 2010

Crafty Cats

How is it that cats always know exactly which piece of fabric you want to use next? Bunn, my very most favourite special pussy cat, is, characteristically, charmingly aloof and altogether disinterested in human activity (like most good kitties). Come craft time though, especially craft time involving large pieces of various types of fabric, and she comes a-runnin'. She'll usually try a few pieces out before she settles on one which has been specially selected as the location for some careful self-grooming. If I've laid out a selection of pieces which have already been cut out, sure as anything, Miss Bunn will sit on the exact piece that I need next. Let's just say she's gifted. I'm sure she could use the sewing machine, but her legs aren't quite long enough to reach the foot pedal... For now, she uses her skills in the fabric-selection department, and occasionally in the "let's make this skirt look like it's been made out of brown felt" department.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Some lovely new wintery skirts

Finally - some new skirts to send to new homes, via the delightfully special and charming Georgie Love. They should be available sometime in the next week or so here:

This lot have been inspired by some extra-special fabrics collected by myself and my mumma, the cool, yet sunny early-winter days which ALWAYS get me excited about new clothes, and the idea that, hey! Winter skirts should be full of flowers as well! There's such a strange inclination amongst designer-folk to make winter clothes kind of grey... Why so? Winter for me means broad beans stretching out in the garden, the tree marigold in full bloom, bluest of blue skies, cups of tea and roaring fires. Colourful, no? Also, I'm pretty sure that red skirts are warmer than grey ones.
Not to say I don't like grey. My favourite skirt ever, 'Stormy Seas' is grey (with red sailboats) and a couple of the newbies ('Whales in Love' and 'Birds in Love') are made from a lusciously toasty grey wool, but I just can't get enough of sunny days - no matter the season.