Friday, September 16, 2011

Free stuff - come 'n geddit!

I was sorting through some boxes under the house this morning and came across some ye olde P&E stock, which I'm going to give away. Right now. Email me if you want any of these things. They're free, though it would be tops if you could swing ten bucks my way to cover postage and whatnot. Or, if you wanted to buy a custom skirt as part of the crazy-ass moving sale, then I'll just chuck it in for free.
Firstly, I found a bunch of dresses that look like this one (yes, there are stacks of packing boxes in the background. It's how we're rolling at the mo').

I made them as samples about 2 years ago, just to see how they'd sell. I didn't sell a single one. I was flabberghasted, but didn't make any more. I think they're cute! And comfy! They have a stretchy jersey top, and cute vintage skirts with little collar details, vintage buttons

and tie belts.
The red one pictured here got caught out in the rain at the markets, so has some kind of pinko staining on the skirt that's basically unseeable. If you look really closely at the photo you might be able to spot some pinkiness. The waist measures about 34 inches around, but remember they have tie belts so you could probably 'cinch' them if you're that way inclined.
There's also one with this combo of fabrics and buttons.

It's my favourite, and probably if no-one else wants it, I'll keep it for myself (the others will go to the op-shop). It has no stains! Waist measures about 36.5 inches around.
There's also this one,

which measures about 44 inches around. It also has nothing wrong with it.
And last but not least, this one, which is a really gorgeous barkcloth. This one is about 40 inches around.

Oscar bumped me while I was taking the photo, but then I decided to just take one of the fabric anyway, because the design is gorgeous in a way that you just don't see any more. I think it's that combo of geometric whatevers and floral. Rad.

There's also a skirt that looks like this,

which is quite full and beautiful, and has a lacy-edged pocket on the front. It has a 44 inch waist.
And this is pretty much the only kids' skirt P&E has ever made.

It has a whopping 25 inch waist, and is very very cute.
As is this radster 70s butterfly wrap n go, which has a 41 inch waist, but could be worn slightly larger because of the wrap factor.

It has a couple of water marks too, but I am definitely 100% sure they will come out in the wash. Especially if you use napisan or some such.
I'd love these to go to happy, P&E-loving homes, so drop us a line if you fancy any of them. Or I guess you could wait and try your luck at the oppie in a few weeks, though I can guarantee you they won't be free anymore.


  1. I really did have to laugh at the idea of some 'pinko staining'. Does this mean you're guaranteed to start voting for those hippy Commies The Greens if you wear it?


  2. Ha ha yes! If only it was so easy to swing people's votes in the right direction... I originally had written 'pinky' but then had a little giggle and changed it to pinko. Oh the things we do to entertain ourselves! xx

  3. Excuse me Miss Annie, I might be too late but is that 44 inch yellow rose beauty still lurking? I really should have asked before you posted my skirts, soz. If it is, may I please have it? I'll put postage dosh in your account, stat.
    Amber :)