Monday, September 5, 2011

Blue and green should absolutely, definitely be seen

Whoever came up with the ridiculous adage "blue and green should never be seen" was obviously a moron who had never witnessed the following things: the contrast of May-blue sky sitting right on top of trees and/or grass, a flowering borage, or this lot of P&E skirts I just whipped up. I've been impressed by the number of people requesting blue and green in their skirts, because I totally dig this colour combo, and think that, like pink and red, it's way underrated.

This little baby is a wrap skirt, made from an awesomely gorgeous sheet. Check out the little bluebells!

I thought it fitted the request for "blue, green floral" most perfectly. I used a contrasting sheet for the waist band, just to mix it up a little bit (it's floral with polka-dots. Coolio).
Next blue-and-greenie features a linen kingfisher pocket. If the lady this skirt belongs to loves kingfishers half as much as I do, she'll be stoked, coz he's a cutie.

The pocket on the wrap skirt can present an interesting dilemma. This is why the wrap 'n' go can be awesome as the pockets form part of the design and function (they hold up the waist-tie/belt thing). Awesome. But this little kingfisher detail is a bit of an experiment for me, having never done anything just like it before. I am a fan of the hemline pocket - a bit sneaky, cute and different - and had been thinking that it might be sweet to put one in the curve on the front of a wrap skirt. The lady I made this skirt for requested a bird, so I thought I could add in the kingfisher in the form of a pocket, but didn't want to detract from the pattern on the tablecloth too much. Perfect opportunity for the sneaky-hem-pocket!

This next one was made for my mate Kylie (we did our PhDs together, and I've made her a few clothes over the years). The fabric is, I reckon, pretty spesh, and I've been saving it up for a very special occasion. Like, my own special occasion. But I also thought it would be pretty great for Kylie and now that I've made it into a skirt for her, I'm glad. I think this print is AMAZING. And also glorious. I reckon if you're wearing this skirt, you should feel pretty happy. Not to talk it up too much... But seriously! Those flowers! I love a big print, especially when it involves blue and green... and HOT PINK!

Last, but certainly not least (Pearl reckons it's her favourite of the most recent lot) is a native-bird themed one for a lady who has ordered 2 skirts and 2 boleros! What a champ! I LOVE this print (Pelican! Black swan! Eagle thing! Kingfisher!), and I love that it's on a really chunky, almost raw linen. I'm pretty excited about the other stuff I'm making for her too, so stay tuned.

And can I just say a special thanks to Olive's cubby house bunting for acting as the clothesline for this photo shoot. I daresay there will be a repeat performance as I am generally an astoundingly average photographer and these ones actually look alright.

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  1. Wow they all look fabulous and I'm sure the new owner will adore them, happy stitching