Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Next stop, Bega!

My beautiful mumma came to visit on monday. She's the one who taught me to sew, so if you're happy with your P&E and you know it, clap your hands for my mumma!
It's a bit of a regular thing we have going on, where she comes and hangs out with the kids while I sew/tidy the house/hang out and, now, pack up our belongings.
She usually brings me some little treat such a chocolate bikkies, some tea-towels or other delightful linen, but this visit brought a very beautiful and special leaving gift, which was made by mum's next-door neighbour, Cindi, who has just started up her own design company called ladmore designs. In what can only be described as crikeys-what-a-small-world quirk, turns out that Cindi also did the logo for my friends Ally and Richard's website, Happy Earth (remember the wren wedding dress?).
But anyway... the gift! How lovely! And so special because it's modeled on something that I think is quite beautiful, in that amazing, utilitarian way - a list of tram/train stops - and personalised to reflect my own journey. Ahhhh. Thanks mumma.


  1. Your mumma sounds awesome! Love. Love that print which is perfect, love the look on your mumma's face and how she is leaning back in the hope that you aren't getting her in the frame but you so totally are, and love that you are going on an adventure with your loves. The best. The end.

  2. What a gorgeous and meaningful gift Cindy and your mum created for you! How wonderfully exciting for you all that your AMAZING adventure building your eco home and garden in Bega is going to start so soon! We're so thrilled for you guys!

    Love and hugs,

    Ally :)