Thursday, January 12, 2012

Oti: the Force will be with you... always

In addition to the quilt I made for Rochelle's baby who's still on the inside, I also made this Star Wars quilt for her little boy, Otis. I just had to share these pictures because he is the most adorable little dude!!! And doesn't he look like the Force is with him?!?!?
Rochelle requested this quilt for Otis as a little sweetener for the dummy handover. So far, things have gone well! The quilt is made from a bit of vintage fabric Rochelle bought online, and it's lined with wool batting. The back is soft blue jersey, to make it all extra snuggly. The 'handle' is made from a piece of tape I cut out of the inside of a vintage suitcase. I loved the texture and weight of it. I then hand-stamped it with 'THE FORCE WILL BE WITH YOU... ALWAYS', just for a little extra somethin' somethin'.
And I have to admit, even a luddite like me can see the benefits of a vintage-looking iphone photo when we're talking about a quilt like this one.

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  1. We are loving filling our house with P&E projects! Feel very lucky to have so much great stuff made by you. The transition to Otis being dummy-less has been surprisingly smooth, thanks to your help xx