Monday, January 9, 2012

After the wild success of our fig-drying, I was keen to experiment with some other, more low-energy drying methods. Some gorgeous morning sun was hitting the kitchen table before work the other day so, with my backpack already on my back (I was just about to head out the door to work when this brain-wave hit me) I decided to start the air-drying procedure. I quartered the figs and put them on racks, then set the on the table in the direct sun, then covered them with some light muslin cloth, which I tucked in tight to keep out the critters.
I was pretty happy with myself, and trotted off to work feeling all excited about the figs happily dehydrating while I single-handedly rid the Bega Valley of waste. Alas, my fantasy was ruined when, 3 days later I checked the figs and discovered that some of them had grown mould and/or gone mushy. Poo. Genevieve helpfully pointed out that 60% humidity is probably not the best environment for air-drying food. Point taken.
The mushy ones went in the compost and the remaining ones went in the oven, for a repeat drying in a more controlled environment. This led to more success, so I was happy, though I have now been prompted to investigate the construction of some kind of solar dryer for our bounties.


  1. You could try drying in your car. A car parked in sunlight on a hot day provide a perfect drying environment. I write about it here:
    I hope you donlt mind me sharing a link. T

  2. Thank you so much! I am absolutely going to try this at the first opportunity. Your blog is so wonderful! x