Monday, January 16, 2012

More t-blouses, more figs

Yay! More t-blouses! This time for Bec, (she of the super-colourful skirt) so bound to be fun times. Bec authorised "cute" so I felt emboldened to use this sheet that I've been carting around, loving, for quite some time. You may well recognise the print - it was a favourite from the era of my childhood, and I'm pretty sure I had a little baby quilt from the same fabric. Maybe the reason I love it so much.
I've always been a bit nervous to use it for some reason. Perhaps it's too cute? Perhaps I am alone in my appreciation of the bold, primary-coloured lions and weird letters and funny bear things in hot air balloons?? But I figured if one person was going to appreciate it, it was Bec, so I'm giving it a whirl. Bec: if I'm way off the mark with this one I promise to make you another.
Now, a word on Bec. I have never actually met this lady, but I freaking love sewing for her, and I freaking love (almost as much) emailing with her. She is pretty much the funniest email-writer of all time. Seriously!! (No, really, I never exaggerate and I never make hyperbolic statements). It's one of the absolute joys of this sewing gig - 'meeting' people, getting to 'know' them, then making them a bunch of clothes they love, and sometimes, when I'm lucky, getting feedback about how the clothes have been heading out to the beach, riding bikes, picking fruit and what not.
Now, for the second top. Bamboo and some kind of non-descript daisy flower thing. Love the contrast. What more can I say?
Luckily for me, and Florence (she wanted a night off) and especially you, dear reader, Bec and Pearl are pretty much exactly the same size. She resisted, but I eventually managed to rope her in to modelling for me, posing her in front of our fig tree, which seems to be heaving with a second round of figs coming on. Don't know what that's about, but it certainly makes for a delightful background for Pearl in Bec's tops.
And it will hopefully furnish me with a chance to try out some car-drying, helpfully suggested by the delightful chaps over at Little Eco Footprints. Charming, exciting stuff.


  1. as always, i am literally busting to get myself into those tops and hopefully look as hot as pearl whilst doing so! no doubt about it annie, we are kindred spirits - that lion, balloony alphabet number is the absolute bees knees! and the gorgeous bamboo t-blouse will surely be a staple in my summer work wardrobe!! thanks again lovely lady, i am already thinking about my next P&E creation, if for no other reason than to see what new and cute fabric you can come up with! xx

    1. Oh yay! Kindred spirits - how lovely. Always a pleasure sewing for you Bec!! xx