Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Pearl and I were both a little bleary-eyed this morning after staying up way too late last night checking out the gorgeous and inspiring blog, Frocks & Frou Frou. What a dazzling gem! Not only is this lady so beautiful that you really don't mind looking at photo after photo of her, but she's so talented in the clothes-wearing and remaking stakes that, in addition to being delicious eye-candy, she's super-inspiring as well! What a delight!

I hadn't looked at it for a while (2 jobs + 2 kids + sewing = not much time for perusing the internet) which is a shame because it's so great, but Lilli emailed me with an enquiry about one of the skirts I just sent to Georgie Love, so I thought I'd check out what she's been up to. What a treat! Pearl was inspired to put together a new outfit involving a Yoshi Jones blouse and P&E skirt that she's had for years, but for some reason had never worn together. Isn't it weird when that happens? Especially when you finally do put them together and they go so well!

I went to work madly planning Pearl's Autumn wardrobe, which is to involve some T-shirt blouses (stay tuned!) and very full, kind of Frida-ish skirts. I cannot wait to get started on these!

I was exceptionally thrilled to see the galah skirt I had made for Lilli a few months back featured in a glorious concoction of an outfit which, quite simply, blew my mind.

Isn't she something else? I have to say I always get a kick out of seeing my skirts out and about in action, on the streets, at gigs, in shops etc. It's nice to see them out there having a happy life. But to see them like this, on the big bad internet, is a bit extra-special. And so great to see the positive comments! Though, seriously, how could a comment not be positive with this kind of thing going on?

Made me realise though, I need to work on my photographing techniques though. Lilli's are incredibly, consistently good. Any tips?

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  1. Aw! You're so sweet! Thanks for the mention. I LOVE my skirt, and I get such a kick out of the response it gets from people on the street every time I wear it out.
    Love your look - the yellow's such a fab colour and it goes really well with the blouse!