Sunday, March 20, 2011

Down on the farm

I got an email enquiry a few weeks ago from a woman called Serena who lives on a remote sheep farm near Esperance, WA. Like all the best clients, Serena had some great ideas about what she wanted, and sent fabulous, evocative emails with heaps of pics of other P&E skirts she likes. She was feeling pretty "sick and tired" of the clothes available to her in town, and wanted a little somethin' somethin' funky, girly, perhaps vintage, but not Mumsie" to jazz up her wardrobe. I was super excited about this assignment, I guess because I have not-so-secret farm aspirations myself, and also because she offered to send me photos of the skirts in action on the farm. Boots, sheep and all!

Like many people, Serena was quite partial to the sailboat wrap skirt which is the poster child for the Completely Custom Skirt on Georgie Love. She said she "likes the coastal, peaceful feel" of the sailboat skirt, because it makes her think of "warm summer breezes". Yay! Luckily for her, I recently picked up quite a good amount of a rather extraordinary Oceania kind of thing from the op-shop. Grass huts? Outrigger canoes? Coconut palms? This wrap skirt's got it all! So I'm thinking this islander skirt's gonna fit the bill. The waist wrap tie is extra-long, so she can tie behind or in front, depending what tickles her fancy, and, thanks to a helpful suggestion made by one of my clients a couple of weeks ago, I've added a little loop to the side to stop the waist tie from slipping around. Oh and I LOVE the clouds on this. I think they're really unique.

Also on the list of requests was a spot of Australiana (and really, who doesn't yearn for a bit of Australiana in their wardrobe?). Being a Westralian, Serena was keen on a lovely Perth A-line I'd made a while ago. Having no Perth tablecloths at my disposal right now, however, I opted instead to give her a kind of 'choose-your-own-Australiana-adventure' by making 2 skirts in her size from different tablecloths, so she can choose the one she prefers. The declined skirt will then be for sale through Georgie Love.

I'm personally quite keen on the map of Tassie skirt for a number of reasons.

1. Tasmania is a place I've never been to, but kind of think I could move there. Rainy, rugged coastlines, huge forests, interesting animals... and it's cold. Yeah!
2. Map of Tassie. Geddit? My friend Genna sent me this tablecloth from Lismore, and was pretty excited at the prospect of it being made into a skirt. "You need to be really precise about the placement of the map, OK?". Genna, I hope this is what you had in mind.
3. It's got little postcards on it! I love that! I especially like the postcard of the Sea Hound. Awesome.

Actually, now that I've talked it up, I may actually keep this skirt for myself if it's not The Chosen One.

Last but not least is pretty super-duper navy number with pretty extraordinary pockets made from a tea-towel I've been holding onto for some time, which has a kind of psychadelic vegetable soup pattern on it. Who doesn't need psychadelic vegetable soup in their lives?

So once the verdict is in on the Australiana adventure, these little babies will be shipping off to Esperance PO to brighten the lives of Serena, her husband, and a bunch of (presumably quite cute) sheep. What a day's work!

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