Sunday, March 27, 2011

I made it!

I was seriously disappointed when, on Friday evening, I hadn't made my intended quota of 10 skirts by the end of the week. Then I realised: Saturday and Sunday are called the weekend! While the typical 5-day working week ends Friday pm, the actual week ends Sunday pm. So here I am, sunday evening, after a lovely long lunch with totally gorgeous friends (featuring home-grown Russian red and Tuscan black kale and mystery greens), adding the finishing touches to my 10-skirt package for Georgie Love.

Last night, as Pearl was whipping up a stunning chocolate and pear tart for our lunch today, I was whipping up my final 4.

The 2 linen Australianas are made from a beautiful and quite large tablecloth. While the small square souvenir tablecloth is not super-rare (though less frequently encountered than a tea-towel) one of the stature of this one is basically unheard of. It's the only one I've ever seen - big enough for 2 skirts - yay!

I cut out all these skirts a couple of weeks ago, prior to the skirts I made for Serena of Esperance. I was pretty excited then, to discover that one of the skirts actually had Esperance - and a sheep! - on it!

I reckon this is a massive co-inki-dink, given that I'd barely heard of the place and then within a month I'd made 5 skirts related to the place. Whacky.

The blue white and black skirt was made from an offcut of "ugly or cool?" fabric we found at the op-shop last week. I often have those moments involving clothes and fabric, most often at the op-shop because it's basically the only place I shop, where I ask myself "Is this thing ugly or cool?". Pearl assured me it had "cool potential", so we bought it. I was a little nervous when I found out it was from Ikea (!), but after I'd made up the skirt I was pretty happy with the result. Bold leaf print, 2 front pleats and a cute little applique owl on the butt can't be too far off some version of cool, methinks.

These Kangaroos are Jay's favourites, and perhaps mine too, especially given their close relation to the outstanding koala cushion that graces the large cane chair in our dining room.

I love that the artist of these 2 tea-towels makes his or her native animals look like total dudes. Especially the koalas - they look like they're in a gang! You can practically hear them growling. I LOVE it!

To the future owner of the kangaroo skirt, these dudes have got your back.

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  1. Oh my God, Annie! That middle skirt, with the zip, does it have an owner yet? Would it fit me? It's divine!