Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Here comes the rain again

You know the expression "when it rains it pours"? Well that's how I'm feeling at the moment. Major upheavals in my life are going on right now - major! Exciting and scary and thrilling and daunting. My mind is occupied by about a million different thoughts and emotions, and of course, RIGHT NOW happens to be the time when I get the opportunity to expand P&E to another retailer. I applied for a space at in.cube8r gallery about 6 months ago, and was super-excited to get an email about a week ago saying they had a spot. Of course, I went into overdrive, sewing up a record 10 skirts in 2 days.

When it came to posting them and signing the contract for the space however, I was, for a variety of reasons too intricate and kind of boring to list here, seized with apprehension and pulled out at the last minute. I know, I know - disappointing, a hassle, a pain for the owner of the shop who now has to find someone else to fill the space (though this shouldn't be hard - it's an awesome idea, and looks like a super-fun shop). But when I'm feeling overwhelmed I really just want to stick to the things I know, love and trust, like sitting on the lounge with my love drinking red wine, hugging my best best friend... and sending 10 skirts to Georgie Love!
So yesterday, instead of going to a little shop in Fitzroy, the skirts I sewed started on their journey to a happy place where you can find awesome amounts of gorgeousness.

Features of this batch include a souvenir from the City of Angels (a detour from Australiana, it's true, but irresistible nonetheless).

This lovely grey wool almost inspires me to use the word 'sumptuous'. It was a big piece, so I made a few skirts, including one with a great 70s vegetable soup print pocket.

And one with a grape panel and some vintage buttons. This is a copy of my most favourite skirt I ever made for myself, which has a panel of horsey-print fabric on the front. I wear it ALL THE TIME, almost to the point where you'd think it was the only skirt I actually own. Anyway, it's a gem of a design. I hope the future owner of this little baby is as happy with it as I am.

Given that I seldom make a batch of skirts without a Wrap and Go, I also made this number from an awesome 'wattle' print ex-curtain with some cool, still-life pockets and a corduroy tie.

And a little wrap mini with a kind of coffee, tropical fruits and palms print. Whacky. (And a special thanks to my little photographic assistant, Olive).

There are others too, but it was a really rainy day when I took the photos, so everything looked a bit dark. Keep checking Georgie Love, and they will appear, looking much more glamorous than I'd ever make them appear.

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