Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Australiana Bolero works for me

Thanks Jenny, of Jingili, NT, for ordering a custom-made bolero with an Australiana theme. I'm a fan. In fact, I almost kept it for myself. Yeah! We're the same size - exactly! But really, I'm glad for you to have it.

This was pretty much my most favouritest Australiana tablecloth on account of the fact that the animals are all a bit special-looking, in that kooky 50s kind of way. I also like that the animals are labeled. You know, in case you're sending the souvenir tablecloth to your folks back home in the mother country, and they've never seen these weird-ass Australian animals before. Handy.

Also quite 'handy' this evening was little Bunn, who settled herself firstly on the stack of skirts I'm sending off for Melbourne Finders Keepers (mmm... brown felt effect), then moving on to the ironing board to help me iron the Georgie Love bunting which I'm also whipping up for the market table. Thanks Bunn, you're a star.

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