Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's actually really not that easy being green...

I was pretty excited when I got a request for a green-theme custom skirt. Green? I love green! I'm a hippie, I live in a tree-house, I work in the bush, I collect flora and fauna fabric... I should have tons of green fabric right? WRONG! Last night I went to make a greeny skirt, and my cupboard was bare! Well, almost. I managed to piece together this beautiful vintage barkcloth situation, which, while not exactly green, has plenty of green ON it. And if you wore it with a green top, or green tights, or green shoes (how cool!) it'd probably look even greener.

In other news, I'm super-excited to get a mention on the gorgeous blog belonging to Meredith Nadine, follower of all things sustainable in the world of design and handmade excellentness. She found P&E at Melbourne's Finders Keepers market, which, by the looks of those knitted cacti, was extraordinary! Knitted cacti eh? Who would have thought...

I'm getting pretty excited about the warming weather, thinking about frocks especially. I generally don't make a lot of dresses to sell, other than custom jobs, as I find the sizing of a good dress to be quite tricky and personal so prefer to make them only when I have an actual, real-life body to try them on. Also, because of the nature of found and reclaimed fabric, it's unusual that I get a piece big enough to make a dress, other than sheets, which do make lovely dresses. But I'm thinking I might re-think my strategy this summer, owing to the purchase of this delightful 70s pattern. It's a wrap dress, so I think it'd work for lots of shapes and sizes.

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