Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Knitted apple-cozies, yes please

When my gorgeous friend Megan asked me to make her a couple of bespoke skirts, I was excited. I love bespoke, for sure. But what I love even more than bespoke, is bespoke for love.
So one night some months ago, Megan came over for a glass of wine, a bowl of veggie soup, and a skirt brainstorm. We picked out some pretty spesh fabrics, one tablecloth that I'd been saving up for a special someone, and decided on a style.

The blue-ish florally one is actually kind of the prototype for the Ruth, but without the pockets. The skirts turned out well, Megan expressed her happiness and gratitude, and then flew off the the 'States to visit her totally lovely, bearded boyfriend (now fiancee!) Ben who, I believe, took these photos.

THEN I got a package in the mail, containing THESE!

They are knitted apple cozies, and they fill my heart with joy! She even sent them, through the mail, WITH APPLES INSIDE THEM. Yes, the woman is out of control in her awesomeness. Now, these cozies are not to keep your apples warm, as in the case of tea, though I guess they could work for that too, should you be inclined towards warm apples. No, they are made to keep your apples safe when you take them in your handbag/backpack/purse. There are no words to explain the cuteness of these things. So cute, in fact, that the pair Megan sent me are pretty much on permanent display in our kitchen.
So here's to Megan, her newly-acquired knitting skills and her appreciation for handmadeness. Yay!

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