Tuesday, November 9, 2010

thunderstorms, rainbows and denim, denim, denim...

So it seems that there's a bit of a denim thing happening at the moment. In the space of a week, I've had quite a few requests come through for denim-y skirts and alas, I have none! A few months ago I did get around 3 metres of lovely dark blue denim (which I made Megan's skirt and a few others from) from an op-shop, but other than that I hardly ever find it. Which is unfortunate for a few reasons, not least of all it is SO FUN to work with, and it seems that at the moment people are just busting for denim A-lines. What to do? Well, I'm not one to deny people their sartorial urges so I've decided to just go out and buy some. New. Shock horror.

I generally try to avoid buying fabric new mostly because I think it's far more interesting to work with second-hand stuff. Weird shapes and sizes force creativity, generate excellent colour combinations and are just more exciting than your average, bought-off-the-roll fabrics from Spotlight. Of course, it's also better for the planet to re-use, duh, and using second-hand fabrics gives me an infallible excuse to satisfy my op-shopping addiction which is both genetically propelled and remarkably insatiable.

So the bought-new denim is somewhat of a challenge for me, but hey, the skirts are fun and who am I to say what people can and can't have? So I made this cutey-cute little number today, based on the Megan, for a custom order that came through Georgie Love.

Yes, the custom skirts are really that flexible! You CAN have the skirt of your dreams! And yes, that is wheat featured there on the button panel. Wheat! You don't get that at Spotlight, let me tell you...
Also whipped up this vintage plisse rainbow stripe wrap skirt for another GL custom order. I LOVE this fabric, and have been hanging onto it for quite some time. When the order came through last night with the following directive - "bright colours, pink, green, yellow, blue" - I knew its time had come. Add an extraordinarily bright (we're talking borderline flouro) 70s floral waist band and tie, some yellow bias binding and I'm pretty sure it's fulfilling the criteria.

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