Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Finders Keepers + wren-flavoured wedding frock = a P&E takeover of the dining room

Sometimes the output required of the trusty P&E sewing machine is a little too much for my cozy nook, so I move on out to the airy dining room. I watch the trees, hang out with the kids, eat (adjacent to kitchen - yeah!) and generally sprawl all over our big old dining table making a mess more colossal than my cosy bedroom nook would ever allow. It's comfy, all right.

Right now, in the lead-up to Georgie Love's debut at the Melbourne Finders Keepers markets I'm frantically churning out skirts, boleros and tops, fuelled by a six-pack of Little Creatures and a packet of Mint Slice biscuits (I swear, this combo is more delicious than it sounds). And I'm almost done! I'm pretty much in love with Sturt's Desert Peas (spectacular, no?) so this skirt is a bit of a fave.
One of the drawbacks to working with vintage fabrics - especially those of the tea-towel and tablecloth variety, of which I am particularly fond - is that they will often come with delightfully stubborn
tea/coffee/red wine stains. Sometimes, the good old Napisan works a treat, other times, not so much. Enter the saviours of this situation: patch pockets, applique and, as in the case of the Desert Pea polka dot skirt, The Random Button Spray. Problem solved! I have also used all of these 'techniques' on my own clothes - spaghetti-stained and moth-eaten garments alike.

Reborn! Ah, the joys of a cover-up.

Also making a mess of the dining table is the pretty-much
SPECTACULAR wedding frock I'm making for Ally, permaculture and sustainability goddess and all round happy lady. Our weekend meeting finalised some details about the design, and she delivered her fabric selections, which were all inspired by a little vintage tablecloth covered in native birds.
The wren is going to make a little feature on an obi-style belt which is going to cap off the vintage-inspired frock. The top of the dress is going to be based on the green one pictured here (previously Pearl's, now mine, all mine!
and the bottom is going to be a little bit glam-o, following the hot 50's dress in the pattern.
AND it's going to have electric blue netted petticoat to make it stick out in a super-sassy kind of way. I'm... so... frikkin... excited! Unfortunately the delivery date of the wedding frock coincides quite dramatically with the Finders Keepers market so, as usual, I am one busy chickadee.

Lucky I love it so much.

And lucky I have such a nice dining room.

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