Friday, September 3, 2010

Bespoke a go-go

"Bespoke (pronounced bee-SPOHK) is a term used in the United Kingdom and elsewhere for an individually- or custom-made product or service. Traditionally applied to custom-tailored clothing. Bespoke is a form derived from bespeak, which was used as early as 1583 to refer to the ordering of goods."

Furthermore, bespoke items are my favourite thing to make! I love the process of making an item that is specifically for someone, incorporating their own specifications regarding colour, style, pattern etc, and being able to make a piece that is going to be able to fit them perfectly.

Many of my bespoke customers are ladies who find it difficult to find unusual and unique clothes because they are particularly large/small, short/tall. As some of you will know, "plus size" (sometimes as small as a 16) clothes can be depressing concoctions mass produced from synthetic fabrics, so a custom-made skirt is the perfect solution.

I finished a few last night which I'd like to share...
This red and grey pocketed A-line was ordered through Georgie Love. The brief? "Red, Black Grey". Hip, waist and length measurements are provided, and away I go! I absolutely LOVE the overlapping pockets and black cord detail.
This little vintage still-life tea-towel skirt was made for a lady who received a P&E custom skirt as a gift. She gave me a colour brief, and I gave her a range of fabrics to choose from, and she picked out the tea towel, gave me her measurements, and here we are. I LOVE that there is a bowl of lemons and eggs hanging out with the coffee.
Another gift skirt made from another vintage tea-towel.
The proud new owner of this skirt also received a P&E custom skirt as a birthday gift. She didn't pick out the fabric herself, but I selected it based on the general instructions, "bright and warm".
The pockets (with piped edges - snazzy!) I added just to add a bit of interest and versatility. Also, I personally don't know how people do without pockets. Basically, they never go astray.

So if you ever find yourself lamenting the lack of perfectly-fitting, unique hand-made skirts in your life, you know where to look to fill that niche in your life.

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