Friday, November 30, 2012

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

It was so gorgeous returning home this afternoon. The growth in the garden almost took my breath away! Some things, like the potatoes, were almost double the size we left them at, only a week ago. Beans were flowering happily, zucchinis were fruiting, and Genevieve and I ate our first home-grown tomato of the season. What a moment! 
I love that our years will become increasingly measured, not so much by the arbitrary delineations marked by our calendars, or by birthdays and anniversaries (though these are, of course, delicious in their own way) but by events such as this: The first tomato, and end of season bottling. The first plum on 'our' tree, and opening our first jar of plum jam as the weather cools. The first baby broad beans picked and eaten in the pods, and end of season broad bean, pea and mint pesto.
But for tonight, we were happy to sit in the fading light, eating a salad of just-picked herbs, mixed greens, new baby potatoes and fried zucchini, with a bottle of Rocky Hall Rose on the side.
Here's to the seasons, and the foods they bring us.


  1. cheers to that... ching ching...

  2. Looking great girls...looking great! I meant to say earlier today that the double timber ladder you were interested in is now yours. I guess Peps may bring it down with him at xmas on the roof racks if you can still use it.I will remind him. Enjoy the fruits of your labours ladies. Matt A xx