Thursday, November 22, 2012

Pump is GO!

 Kids, the time has come. The skirt sale has been successful, in that we've raised enough money to get ourselves a whiz-bang pump to move some water around this hill of ours. Yee Har!!!
Thank you THANK YOU to those of you who have supported this somewhat unusually-themed sale. It has been SO FUN, trust me.
And the good thing is, I still have a few more items to sew, so if you're still waiting, PLEASE DON'T FRET. Your P&E is coming. Soon.
AND if you missed out on getting a dam-pumping custom P&E skirt, you can still find custom P&E skirts at the lovely Georgie Love site here.

Geogie Love's flagship custom wrap skirt. No longer available (if you own this skirt, send me a photo!!!) but there are others just as nice. Promise.

There are even a few older P&Es that have been marked down on account of them hanging around so long. They need to be out in the world people!! Some of those marked-down ones are even cheaper than the dam-pump-sale skirts. Wooooooo.
And here's a photo of Alexis, who was so happy when she got her P&E package 4 that she did a little leaping from foot to foot dance in her office.
Alexis gets happy in her academia-themed skirt (booze, fruit and a book)
I love it when people send me photos of themselves in my skirts. That's what I like to see.

We're going to be off visiting family for a week, but when we get back there'll be sewing and building and pump-installing galore. Can't wait.

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