Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The old and the new

I did some sweet sewing a few days ago. It was a beautiful combination of tried and true - a bolero and a classic P&E A-line skirt - and kind of experimental - a new pattern, complete with puffy sleeves, a pocket and a waist. The dress came first, and it was a pleasure and a challenge because it was for my little girl. 

Our Olive is a particular little thing. She's particular about most things, but she's especially particular about her outfits and costumes. We love how expressive she is, how she takes her time and deliberates over the wild and wonderful combinations of clothing and accessories she comes up with. I love how she loves colour, and how her favourite colour is "rainbow". 

A little while ago we made a trip to the fabric shop together, and I let her pick out a few things for a couple of items of summer clothes. I have to say, I was pretty impressed with her choices! The pattern and shape of the dress, though, was up to me, and I was nervous. So I stuck to the things I know she likes: puffy sleeves (the whole time I was sewing I kept thinking about Napoleon Dynamite), a waist, and pockets for keeping her myriad small treasures in. 

The verdict? "It's the most beautiful dress I've ever seen!" What more could I ask for?
I do hope that Yolanda, recipient of my other recent sewing ventures and very loyal P&E supporter, feels the same about her recent wardrobe additions. Though this may be a tough call, given that she's also the owner of what may be the best skirt I've ever made.

When I picked up a rather spectacular scalloped horse hankie in the op shop, I immediately thought of Yolanda, though I also thought quite a lot about myself, given that I'm a bit keen on a spot of equine fabric myself. But then a few days later, as fate would have it, Yolanda contacted me to let me know that she'd like to support the Pump up the Dam sale so I decided the hankie was meant to be hers. Yay!

Green was the theme for her bolero and skirt, and I have to say  I'm a bit chuffed with the result. The bolero in particular is a bit of a fave, made from an immaculate still-life-print vintage teatowel.

One of the things I love about this sewing-with-found-fabrics shindig is that even though I'm basically making the same thing over and over again (unless someone asks me to make something extra-special like a wedding or bridesmaid dress), each piece has its own character on account of the fact that I'm using different fabric every time. How fun! And this bolero is the perfect example: I must've made a hundred boleros (probably more) but this one is so unique, with it's little complementary mustard-coloured cap sleeves with polka-dot trim, roses on the front and a bowl of fruit on the back. And the colours!

Enjoy your wares Yolanda and Olive! And please remember to do a twirl for the joys of unique handmade in all its many and varied forms.


  1. That's a very lovely dress Miss Olive...what a clever mumma you have xx

  2. Gorgeous, Annie!! And Lew and I love Napoleon Dynamite!!! x

    1. I love N.D. too! In fact it may be time for a revisit... x