Sunday, January 9, 2011

Doily bunting to celebrate the wedding of the year!

As you may know, I love weddings. Massive sucker for weddings, right here. In fact, if I wasn't a bush regenerator/environmental educator/clothes designer-maker/part-time academic, I'd be a wedding planner for sure. I love making wedding dresses, and when I don't get to make the dress, as in the case of my friend Megan, who is eminently competent in the frock-making department, I lend my crafty skills in other ways, like making doily bunting!

Originally Megan asked for "a few metres" to jazz up the house where she's to wed her beloved bearded bloke. But a few op-shop encounters in Bega, Narooma and Unanderra left me with a massive amount of doilies so I went to town and racked up more like a kilometre. OK, so that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but let's just say there's plenty.

I first started making bunting when Olive turned one, and I made a Happy 1st Birthday Olive bunting. We change the number every year, so it's become something of a tradition. Then I started making name bunting for a little shop in Surry Hills. People would let me know their kid's name and I'd make up a set of flags for them. I recently also had the pleasure of making the name bunting for Georgie Love's stint and Melbourne Finders Keepers.

And then at Christmas I made a few strings of bunting made from the bajillion doilies I've collected over the years. As many of you keen op-shoppers/crafters will know, doilies are out there, sometimes extremely beautiful, but not that useful. Megan was one of the lucky recipients of the Christmas lot and was quite partial to them, so I offered my services as official wedding bunting maker. Fun times! I can't WAIT to see them in action at the actual festivities (as opposed to the bamboo grove outside my bedroom door)... Now I just have to get started on the gift!

In other news, I received two blog mentions over the hols, which I was pretty excited about, and wrote a blog about here. For some reason it came up in May!! I'm fairly unsophisticated when it comes to computers so I wasn't really surprised.

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  1. sorry but ahem HOLY SHIT check out that bunting, do you know no bounds. you continue to amaze and dazzle me. xxxxx