Thursday, January 20, 2011

Birthday bunting and wedding frock beginnings

After my post about Megan's wedding doily bunting, I received a request for some personalised birthday bunting for a little boy called Louis who is turning 2! I reckon a birthday's almost as good as a wedding (actually, probably even better because you get to have one every year) so I was SUPER excited to get started on the flags for the little guy. As I mentioned in my other post, birthday bunting is an excellent and fun tradition. Unlike Christmas, which sees the same familiar and well-loved decorations making their annual display, birthdays don't usually have the same kind of 'festive' feeling. Enter Birthday Bunting, and you have yourself an instantly recognisable decoration which comes out every year to wish you (or your kids, pets, whatever) a happy birthday. Lovely. And I reckon you don't even need sewing skills to update the number each year, just cutting skills and maybe blu-tacking, double-sided sticky-taping or perhaps, for the punk-rockers amongst us, safety-pinning skills.

I also like making bunting because it makes excellent use of pieces of leftover fabric that are too big to chuck out, but too small to make anything much out of.

A few months ago I posted pictures of a bunch of fabrics that were finalists to be chosen as the obi waist band on a wedding dress I'm lucky enough to be making. Well, a choice was made, which led to the even funner choices of picking the co-ordinates. And here they are!

The bride in question is a woman after my own heart - she loves bright colours. In fact, she loves them so much that the first shade of green I picked out was too light! But with the help of some online colour palettes I think (hope!) it's all sorted now. I'm pretty much in love with the colour combo - pink + green = awesome in my books.

The style is to be a 50s-era halter dress, with a circle skirt and petticoat (hence the netting), with an obi-style belt similar to the one I made for Ally. How great! It's a beach wedding, and I reckon this dress is going to be super-cute in the sand.

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