Monday, January 24, 2011

Busy busy busy!

Well, since last I posted, a great many things have happened in our little house. I've been sewing madly, embroidering wedding presents (yes, I'm a glutton for punishment) and sewing up wedding frocks, amongst other things.

Pearl has made a return to the paid workforce, which, apart from being very exciting (and slightly terrifying!) has called for the construction of a few new work outfits. Dresses namely, in a style I like to call The Pearl.

I think it is such a fantastic, smart but still comfy, flattering dress, with some cute little details like pleats at the neck. The skirt is made from a totally amazing tablecloth that I've had kicking around for a LONG time, never quite knowing the perfect thing to make from it. The top is made from a leftover piece of Alewives fabric, which I didn't end up using when I made this bedspread for Pearl for Christmas.

The dress, she says, makes her feel like Frida Kahlo. Add her brand spanking new goat leather satchel and a spunky old leather belt, and I reckon you've got one pretty good lookin' work-lady.

Wedding dress progress is coming along very nicely, with my little friend Olive taking advantage of the excitement and staying up very late 'helping' me to cut it out. Oscar is also lending a hand in the form of his musical accompaniment to my sewing, and keeping Florence (the mannequin) company while she models the dress-in-progress.

But now, back to some frock-making...

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