Thursday, July 29, 2010


Op shops are cool, right? And the best bit of the op shop is the sewing section, right? And even when there's nothing really that good (like wooden spools of thread or bags of bias binding) in the sewing section there's pretty much ALWAYS at least a few sewing patterns, right? Can you resist these gems? I, for one, cannot. And as a result, and in spite of the fact that I rarely sew from a pattern, I have a massive collection of them, which I peruse with surprising regularity and usually have a few on display in my craft nook.

Last weekend's wedding dress consultation gave me a reason to get all my patterns out, and I was reminded of, and inspired to make one of my favourite skirts: the Wrap-and-Go.

As you can see, the Wrap-and-Go Skirt is a very fetching '70s number, which is awesome for several reasons, not least of all the fact that it wraps at the back and has MASSIVE
pockets. Since I purchased this pattern around 2 years ago I've made quite a few of these skirts, and I inevitably fall in love with them. I guess there's just something irresistable about them (I think it has something to do with the name...)

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  1. I so LOVE your blog! Your skirts are amazing... I'm going back to your log from the star and reading through. Such gorgeous stuff!