Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sometimes I make a skirt...

Sometimes I make a skirt and I just want to buy it. From myself. I just want to say "OK. So I made this skirt, and the sale of it was supposed to buy food for my family, but really, it's GREAT and I love it and it fits me perfectly (surprise!) and I can always make another one to sell, right?". Sometimes I keep them (like the horsey print I made by modifying one of Pearl's mum's old maternity dresses) and sometimes I make them really expensive, thinking "Well, if someone loves this skirt as much as me, they'll pay heaps for it, and if they don't pay heaps, I can keep it for myself, because I REALLY LOVE IT". This happened with an utterly spectacular turquoise woollen skirt I made last winter. It had a pleat at the front, and 4 gorgeous bright red vintage buttons. I was so ready to keep it, as it had been out at the markets for 4 weeks, with not a bite. Then one dreary, rainy, dismally un-lucrative week, this gorgeous Irish woman walked into the
tent, said "I love that skirt and it will be MINE!" tried it on, fell in love, and walked away with it. It was a beautiful moment, and I felt happy that it had found a loving home.

This little Kangaroo Paw pocketed number was almost a keeper. I do so love a bit of native flora, and it did fit me perfectly (and looks quite nice with the yellow jumper and burgundy birkenstocks, right?), but I know it will find a loving home, so I'm sending it out into the world.

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