Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ode to Autumn... in late winter

I know I know. It's only a month 'til spring. Sensible fashionable folk are thinking about springtime clothes. Organised and sensible designers and clothesmakers everywhere are right about now actually LAUNCHING their spring ranges. Not this little lady. Though I have, for the moment, stopped making full-on woollen skirts that are warmer than your average crocheted Nanna rug, the fact that autumn is beyond a shadow of a doubt my favourite season means that autumnal inspiration is never far away in my sewing adventures. I love: the crispness of May, the colour of the sky, the temperature of the ocean - still warm enough to swim, even though the air is cool: delicious! Weather in autumn is also perfect for dressing up, holding hands and falling in love. Autumn is pinks, browns, oranges and blues. I can't get enough! Today's sewing channelled all manner of autumnal delights: russet tones, falling leaves, clear blue skies and in-between fabrics like linen and velvet (and a nice bit of 70s waffle for good measure).

The waffle, I noticed as I sewed it up, still had it's teeny-tiny handwritten op-shop price tag attached: $1. One dollar!!!??? After almost 20 years of nigh on obsessive op-shopping, gems like this do not cease to amaze me. The fabric in question was around a metre square. Not huge, but definitely big enough to work with. It's all autumn leaves in orange, brown and grey with GOLD (yes, it's metallic) highlights to boot. Outstanding. I teamed it with a gorgeous light blue. Very special.

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