Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunshiny wedding frocks ahoy

It was a dark and dreary morning, and I was tired and didn't feel like working on a sunday, but I still made the effort to drag myself to Wollongong council chambers to run a natural baby care workshop. And boy am I glad I made the effort! My lovely friend Ally came along, and we got talking about her wedding plans, and she asked me to make her wedding dress. What a precious honour! I have made a couple of wedding frocks in my time, and it is seriously one of the most fun and rewarding things a crafty lady can do.
Ally is a gorgeous, sunshiny, inspiring and smart woman who, with her equally gorgeous and inspiring partner, Richard, takes care of a startlingly spectacular permaculture garden in Unanderra. Check out their extra-special work at
It is lovely!
SOOOOO when she said that she and Richard were planning on getting married in said gorgeous garden, in sunny November, I thought of this bright yellow dress that I'd made about a year ago. I LOVED it. So golden and bright, made from a linen tablecloth and a tea-towel, it was a gorgeous weight, and fitted really well because the top is cut on the bias. I modelled the design based on a 1950s vintage dress pattern, and I've made a few dresses from the same pattern because it's so darn great.
So we're having a brainstorming luncheon, to look through my fabrics, draw some pictures, and hopefully get started on something beautiful for her to wear on her extra-special day of love!


  1. Hey Annie,
    Congratulations on your blog. I particularly love the owls. Hope to see lots more gorgeous pics xx

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  3. Hey there my creative one,
    LOVE your blog...I'm looking forward to hunting down some more treasures for you
    ps on these cold winter mornings I can really relate to this gorgeous Olive Cotton photo 'warmth'. I'm soaking up the winter sun every chance I get...