Wednesday, May 26, 2010


They've got to be Nannas, right? Well, before they took up residence as a pocket on this rather lovely, newly-completed (like, 10 minutes ago) olive-green corduroy skirt, these nannas were on a tea-towel which was made in Poland.

A little research reveals that the Polish word for grandma is "babcia", and so, the babcia skirt is named.

I do love to name a skirt. Sometimes I'll name a skirt if it particularly reminds me of a friend, or if, for some usually inexplicable reason, a name pops into my head while I'm sewing it. I once made a grey wool skirt with some gorgeous old red and white sailing boat buttons. It was called "Stormy seas" and remains, to this day, one of my favourite skirts I've ever made.

Rather a large number of skirts are Pearl-y, named for my love and muse, Genevieve, aka "Pearl". A couple of days ago I made quite a special little denim number, with panels of deco-esque poppies down the side. As I was piecing it, I was thinking to myself, "Pearl would LOVE this skirt". When it was finished, I thought "This is probably going to fit her perfectly". LIKE A GLOVE! Needless to say, that skirt will not be sold. It's staying right here in the tree-house. The point being, my friends are my inspiration and usually, if something is going to be perfect for them, I'll make it, without even realising, in their exact size. Spooky.

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