Sunday, July 27, 2014

When you're on a good thing...

There's a woman called Vanessa who lives in Balgownie, who's a fan of buying crocheted stubby holders for her friends as gifts. Obviously, I like this, because I love crocheting stubby holders for people, and I love the thought of people receiving handmade gifts.
Vanessa has bought stubby holders from me before, but this lot, which she requested a few weeks ago, turned out particularly well on account of the fact that I was lying sick on the couch, so had hours to spend on experimenting with fancy crochet stitches and embroidery and whatnot.

Vanessa and I are both particularly fond of the blue and orange criss-cross one, which is made using the stitch I recently learned to make a chemo hat. I reckon I'm going to have to make myself one just like it.

Oh and in case you're wondering, there are only 4 more skirts left in the skirt sale! Norfolk Island, the brown Australian Fauna one, the pink print one with embroidered pockets and the Cornwall mini. If you want one, make me an offer. I won't refuse!


  1. never an idle moment Annie dear. I hope you are feeling better now that the last chemo is done and dusted. I hope you are back to speed speedily. xx Matt

  2. Hi there, I hope you are going okay post-chemo. I have just passed on your bone stock article to a lovely friend who is the youngest 83 year old I know who is having chemo for ovarian cancer. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Kindest regards to you and your loved ones. Jo

  3. Hope you are all travelling well?
    Just thought I'd write and let you know that we, here in internet world, are waiting with bated breath to see what will next launch forth from your creative bothy.
    No pressure, of course. Just reminding you that you wildly popular.
    a complete stranger

  4. I love this so much! Let's stay connected in the blogger world. I have my own spot at all about my urban gardening experience, love for nature and new homeschooling my two beauties.


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