Friday, July 11, 2014

Sometimes you just gotta crochet a dragon scarf for your baby

Early on in my days of fanatical internet-and-library-crochet-pattern perusing, I stumbled upon Moogly. Have you seen it? I freakin' love it! I especially love their 'roundups'. The first roundup I ever saw was the animal scarf roundup, and I instantly fell in love with the dragon scarf.
Last week, I finally got around to making one for Oscar. It was really fast and easy to make, and uses only a ball of wool for the body, and scraps for the other bits. I modified the wings from the pattern's instructions, and just made them using granny-square treble clusters, in Oscar's favourite colour - orange! The body is made using alternating double and single crochet, which creates a very cool 'scaly' kind of pattern/texture.
Draggy, as the scarf has become known, is spending a lot more time being played with than being worn as a scarf, and I can kind of understand why. He's pretty adorable. And what's not to love about a scarf that doubles as a toy?


  1. That is soo soo cute! A wearable toy... :) I'm sure you get a lot of use out of this one as I find it quite hard keeping scarfs on my children. xo