Monday, December 2, 2013

Skirts for Stella

After I made my friend Niki her pair of preggo skirts, I got an email from a work colleague of hers, who also wanted some skirt action. How exciting! I love making custom skirts!

Stella was after some bright, 'jewel' colours and, perhaps most excitingly of all, she suggested that she'd be up for some New Zealand fauna teatowel action. As luck would have it (or perhaps its just a testament to my enormous collection of teatowels...) I happened to have a very pretty 'Birds of New Zealand' teatowel in pristine condition, and a lovely piece of complimentary emerald green drill. Jewel colours, birds, New Zealand - check, check and check! With a cute striped waist-band and a bow at the back, it came together pretty well!
The second skirt inspired a bit of a new design, as I had only a small piece of the beautiful vintage floral print I used, and wanted to integrate it into the skirt in a bit of a fancy way, rather than just a panel. The answer? A scalloped, layered front. I suppose it's kind of like an overlapped wrap skirt, except it's not a wrap, so Stella won't have to worry about flashing her undies on a windy day. Win win! I'm pretty keen on this now (kind of wondering why I've never done it before...) so will probably be making tons of these in the weeks to come. Look out anyone who orders a P&E in the next little while!
Thanks Stella for ordering some skirts from me, and for inspiring the new P&E scallop-front skirt!I hope you have fun wearing them.


  1. I would love one of your skirts, how do I go about ordering one?

    1. Hi Louise! Just send me an email - pearlandelspeth at gmail dot com - and we can have a chat about what you'd like etc. Yay!