Tuesday, December 3, 2013

And then I got asked to write an article for my favourite magazine...

Like many people interested in alternative building techniques, I've been a big fan of The Owner Builder Magazine for a long while now. It's inspiring, informative and instructional, which are all pretty great qualities for a magazine, in my book.

So imagine my amazement and excitement when, a few months back, the editor of TOB magazine found our blog (via a port on the Grass Roots mag facebook page) and then contacted us to ask if we'd write an article about our house! Yep, I was really really excited, and started writing pretty much straight away. 
And of course it was super-fun to write about our adventure and to reflect on all the bits and pieces we learned along the way, and to (hopefully) inspire or inform or entertain some of the magazine's readers.

And now, the magazine's out, in the shops. Exciting! So if you fancy a bit of reading-about-building-fun-times, go get one. In addition to our house (hee hee!), it's also got mud-brick, hebel, DIY termite treatment, portable homes and tons of other good stuff.

Special message for the lovely people who helped us build: you should go and look in the newsagents because you might be in the picture of the half-built house that "looks like a hay-stack". And THANK YOU for helping us to build our house. In case you didn't know, we love it to bits.


  1. So going to buy this edition - well done!

  2. you are an overflowing well of inspiration you lot!!!

  3. I have the copy in my hand right now:) Great article and I love what you guys have done:)

  4. Well done! Will have to get my hands on a copy of this edition!

    Your home is so wonderful in so many ways - hope this article inspires others on their own sustainable buildling adventures!

    Much love and admiration,


  5. Aww thanks you guys. Yep, it was definitely great to be in such an inspiring magazine. x

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