Sunday, November 3, 2013

The P&E Knock(ed) Up: a super-comfy, non-ugly maternity skirt!

So you might have noticed I love making people happy with handmade clothes. I especially love making people I love happy, so imagine my excitement at making comfy-top P&E skirts for my currently-growing-a-baby bestie, Niki!! 
Beautiful Niki showing off the P&E preggo skirt's stretchy-top
Niki is quite the collector of P&E items, which is nice for me, because I like sewing for her. And accommodating her growing tummy is, of course, extra special. The one pictured here, frolicking on the beach in Byron Bay, is made from a vintage (and, quite frankly, kinda kitsch) kitten print teatowel and a vintage sheet. I know - what a surprise.

The P&E preggo skirt was born when I myself was pregnant, and needed something comfy and non-ugly (have you noticed how ugly maternity clothes are???) to fit around my growing little Olive. The answer? A standard P&E A-line made to fit under the tum, with a wide stretchy band at the top.
Annie, almost 9 months pregnant, in one of the first P&E preggo skirts, heading off to uni to finish the draft of her PhD thesis (quick! There's a baby coming!!)

AND they're excellent for after the baby's born too, and your tummy's regaining its equilibrium. In fact, I wore mine for quite a few years after giving birth, just because they're so bloody comfortable.

I've made a few more since then, for Pearl and various other friends (you can see one here), all of whom have "lived in" their P&E preggo skirts (I think Pearl still has one doing the rounds, three and a half years later). But the best recommendation of all came from Niki when she sent me these photos:

 "I hope lots of people order P&E preggo skirts for their preggi friends or lovers - it's the most comfortable and beautiful thing in my wardrobe. I love it so much! xxx"

Awww...What can I say but yay! Here's to kitschy kitten prints, growing babies and comfy-top skirts!

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