Friday, November 29, 2013

How sweet!

Yesterday afternoon I went up to the orchard to toss some leftovers to the chickens, and started shrieking like a lunatic. Pearl and Olive rushed out to find out what was wrong, and I gleefully informed them that one of the baby chicks had hatched. And how sweet it is!
Even though we've had quite a lot of baby chick action in the last 3 months (like, 300 of the little fluffballs), this one seems (maybe) extra tiny and (definitely) extra cute. Or maybe it's just the way it interacts with its 2 mums, who are following it/guiding it around the place, finding food for it, showing it how to drink, and scaring off chickens/ducks/kids if they get too close. It's SO CUTE.

I'm not holding out much hope for the other eggs they'd been incubating, though. They seem completely wrapped up in caring for their little baby, and have abandoned the other eggs. So it looks like it'll just be the one little chickie then. What a chickie it is!!!

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