Monday, August 12, 2013

Why not make some cute cake bunting?

For me, vake decorating is just another kind of craft. A delicious craft, let's say.
For Olive's birthday I decided to make some mini cake bunting, inspired by a picture I saw in an awesome book called Happy Home
Turns out the bunting is really fun and easy to make, and I believe I will be making quite a bit more of it in the future. It's so cute and easy, I thought I'd share my method, so you can make some too!

First of all, gather your equipment: 
* Fabric scraps cut into triangles (or squares or whatever). I pinked mine across the top so that it wouldn't fray, and also so it was a similar shape to the ric rac. 
* You'll also  need some 1cm wide strips, about 20cm long. 
* A number of bamboo skewers
* Some ric rac or ribbon
* craft glue, hot glue, or double-sided craft tape (I used the latter)

How to:
* Sew along your ribbon or ric rac using straight stitch on your sewing machine, laying the triangles (or squares) underneath. I made mine in lengths of 4 flags, but you can do as many as you want, I suppose.
I left 'tails' at each end, which you can see here.
The tails are so you can attach your flags to the 'flag poles'. 
* Put a little bit of glue or a small length of double-sided tape at the top of the skewer. Glue the 'tail' of your flags to the top of a skewer, and then wind one of your skinny strips of fabric around and around until the tail of the flags and most of the skewer is all nicely covered with fabric. I left about 3cm at the pointy end of the skewer uncovered, so I could stick it into the cake.
* Then take the other 'tail' of that length of flags, and join it in the same way to another skewer. This will give you 1 length of flags with a skewer at each end. 

I actually attached the 'tails' 2 at a time to each skewer, so I could put the flags all around the cake (hopefully that makes sense from the picture).

We were all pretty happy with how cute it all turned out, and I'm pretty sure the flags will be making appearances in some fairy gardens into the future.

Hip hip hooray for reusable, DIY cake craft!!

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