Sunday, August 4, 2013

A little celebration, of sorts

Today marked a year since we moved into our little handmade house. It was a perfect, sunny winter's day, and we all felt happy, and more than a little pleased with what we've achieved in the last 12 months.

To celebrate, we...
made an amazing breakfast of stewed tomatoes, garlic, basil and parsley (from the garden), incredible home-made goat's chevre (from our friend Paul from down the road, procured at last weekend's food swap), barbequed mushrooms (from the farmer's market) and sourdough toast...

admired the freshly-printed logos for our little pastured poultry enterprise (coming in spring!)
did some work on the wood-fired pizza oven...

did some weaving with gorgeous rainbow hand-spun, hand-dyed wool...
stewed rhubarb, pears, vanilla beans and honey over the fire, alongside a lamb, preserved lemon, cumin and tomato braise and a mushroom and lentil ragu...

made a doily-sleeved top for a certain special lady whose birthday is imminently approaching...

and ate aforementioned lentil and mushroom ragu while sitting next to the fire listening to the wind in the trees and watching the stars appear. Dessert was stewed fruit with jersey cream. And then we toasted marshmallows.

In between all this we rode bikes and walked all around the land, drew pictures, happily read Kim's beautiful blog post about our little nest, made our first batch of kefir, spied on baby kangaroos just learning to hop (there are no words to describe the cuteness), collected fairy firewood, cuddled, read books, danced, swung from the swing-tree, collected eggs and admired the ducks.

It was a beautiful, beautiful day, and we felt ridiculously lucky to be living this life.


  1. Your days (and meals) sound amazing. I hope to one day be doing the same.
    I do love the top you've made too. x

  2. ok when can I move in!!!..happy anniversary. lovely little home you have. now im hungry!! Al x

  3. Oh what a beautiful and so very full day. Congrats on having been in your lovely home for a year now. Doesn't the time fly? Though, looking at your bounty it feels like you've been there for years already:) xx

  4. Thanks everyone! The top Zara, was inspired by your dress! The doily sleeves are going to be making some regular appearances, I daresay... So sweet!

  5. Hi Ive stumbled on your blog accidently when the house was being built and call back periodically .Congrats on a 1yr. Its been fascinating and I have enjoyed your joy at the things I take for frost/ home grown veges /baby roo hops.
    country nsw