Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A little movie

In the midst of our building-in-the-rain stresses, little Olive made a trip to the library to escape the house full of wet and muddy workers, and to partake in some school-holiday activities.
This video, made by our local ABC Open correspondent, captures some of what went on that day.
Needless to say, when I saw Olive's stellar effort, I cried. It's been so uplifting, even in times of all-our-strawbales-have-been-ruined-by-rain despair, to see how she's embraced the building journey with such joy and gusto, finding the fun (as only kids can) in the mud and the high tension.
A couple of weeks ago, after hours of rendering late into the night (she was my special lantern-holder and mesh-cutter) she declared on the way home: "I reckon I'm pretty lucky. I bet no other kids in my class get to stay up late helping their mummas build a strawbale house, and then get an ice-cream on the way home."
Probably true.


  1. That little movie was gorgeous. I love how Olive drew your home - surrounded by tree houses. and Olive's smile is to die for. So sweet.

    I've been keenly following your strawbale building - but havn't taken the time to stop and say hi before now. 'Hi'.

    We'll be making a similar move from the city to the country towards the end of this year. Although having already done the owner builder thing we're thinking of getting a builder in this time. Hence we'll be living in a caravan for a year or so while we save up - which should make things interesteing.

    Anyway...thank you for taking the time to share so much of your journey. Tricia x

  2. oh sweet little olive, with her gorgeous shy smile. i love her. she seems so full of spirit and joy.

  3. Love it. And sharing your journey...maybe the ABC should be filming what you guys are up to. if only more people could live like this...

    Thanking you, Monica

  4. I know it's not cool for your mum to be writing on this blog, but, I had to say, Olive is amazing. That shy little smile tells it all. I just love her.

  5. Sounds like unschooling to me;)

  6. Oh that little Rosie is such a funny, sweet little thing. I love her shy smile.

  7. Oh Olive you sweet little thing, and I have to say I cracked up at Oscar - he's my boy's best mate. His poor mum, wait till I see her! hahahahaha!