Sunday, April 15, 2012

Today we...

Finished off the loo with the view, made from a couple of sheets tied around some star pickets.
The toilet itself is a composting toilet bought through an ad in Grass Roots mag - the only mag where you'll find an ad for a second hand composting toilet.
This is the view from the toilet:
We then set up and tried out the camper trailer in our front yard, which is to be Nassim and Steve's home for the next week. Dad is loaning it to us for as long as we need. It will also be guest accommodation for when people come to visit us. Funnily enough, it's actually bigger than the teeny tiny house we're about to build.
We also cared for a little Olive who was sick in the tummy. Poor little bubba. Though she still found the energy to play some awesome imaginary games in the camper trailer involving "Baby George" (aka. Oscar) and "Mrs Cook" (aka Pearl).

We welcomed friends and family with love and excitement.
If it wasn't for the fact I'm so bloody nervous I could almost have pretended it was just a big party!

And then we feasted and laughed and fretted and plotted.
Dinner tonight was dahl, courtesy of Pearl's dad, and a 2 potato curry from Plenty, courtesy of Pearl. Also pappadums and raita. And a ton of beer...

And now, to bed.


  1. All the very best with the building workshop. Looks like it's off to a great start already:) I've been checking out your gorgeous blog for a couple of weeks now. My dear, dear friend and now, neighbour, put me onto it. We walk past your block a lot and my brother even looked at it to buy, before you bought it. We too are building and I've been blogging it all over on my blog Feather & Nest. We live oh so very close to you:) Hopefully we'll get to meet in person sometime soon.

    Have a great strawbale workshop. Can't wait to see the lovely end result:)

    Kim from Springvale

  2. Good luck today darlings! Thinking of you and sending loads of love + energy + sunshine + hard work. Your little house is going to be beautiful! xxx

  3. Best of luck I'm sure it will go really well, just wish I could be there to join in, but Machu Pichu calls.
    Lots of love Jane xx

  4. hehehe, I nearly fell off that loo twice today ;-) had a bit of a giggle at the images in my head of me tumbling down the hill with jeans and knickers around me ankles!

  5. What a great day! I too also almost fell of the loo. It is a throne! Look forward to tomorrow.


  6. Love the loo, I had visions of an upturned milk crate with a hole cut in it with a seat stuck on over a hole in the ground. This is much posher than I expected. Hope it all goes well for you:)