Thursday, April 5, 2012

Oh you know you want to...

Unless you're reading this blog for the very first time you probably know that we are hosting a strawbale building workshop on our property from April 16 - 20. Frank "If it's not strawbale, it's not worth doing" Thomas is running the workshop. He has done many marvellous buildings big and small, all around the place. Anyway our workshop was full but as is the way with life, some big things have cropped up for some people and now we have two spots free. Any takers? We will feed you and accommodate you and look after you and thank you wholeheartedly. In return you get to spend a week using muscles that may not have been used for some time, maybe make some new friends, eat some fine foods, enjoy our lovely vista and learn from a very learned builder. The far south coast is especially spectacular at this time of year and if you want to stick around afterwards we will continue to feed you and accommodate you and helpfully point you in the direction of some splendid beaches or the Quaama Harvest fair on Saturday 21st April. Kids are very welcome. In fact we've ordered extra bales just for them. Yes it's late in the day and you probably have plans the week of the 16th April, however if not, send us an email -
Thanks xx


  1. I'm very interested and tempted... just not entirely sure my roster would fit... are you doing compressed straw bale or just bang it up and render it type thingy (seriously I have no idea how it all works, lol)? Will talk to the husband... (and consult the roster book at work!). X

  2. Oh how great. We're doing load bearing strawbale and yep, there is compression (via gripples) involved. Be great to have you. Good luck with the roster! x

  3. OK! Roster looks good... Hubby taking kids to Canberra that week, I was going to join them... but this could be more fun. What is the deal/commitment? Might message you on FB. X