Sunday, October 2, 2011

I figured that the photos on my blog couldn't get much worse, so decided to let Olive take this photo of the bolero I made for a very very lovely, generous and appreciative lady called Jedda.
Jedda, like many other people, loved the bolero I made about a year ago from some freakin' crazy-good vintage fabric. Luckily for her, in my fabric clearing our bonanza I actually came across some more of this divine fabric, so I made her a replica (minus the spotty binding - spotlight had run out grrrrr).

I was so happy to be able to make Jedda this bolero, from the fabric she loves. Furthermore, my heart was warmed by the fact that she values my work so much that she actually paid me $50 instead of $30 for the bolero, having decided, off her own bat, that $30 was way too cheap. I have to admit that, after announcing the bolero sale price of $30 I did suffer a slight pang of regret on account of the fact that boleros actually take longer to make than skirts. But something in my brain tells me that because they're smaller, I should charge less. Don't ask me what that's about...
Anyway, for the most part I didn't mind making a few super-cheap boleros for a few lucky peeps, but boy was it nice to hear someone say that I deserved more, and then to actually cough up and put their money where their mouth is. Divine! Thank you thank you!

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