Friday, October 7, 2011

Good morning, Denise

Dear Denise,
I felt so happy when you ordered a couple more wrap skirts after receiving the last one I made for you. For a humble maker like me, it is a huge compliment when people come back for seconds. I especially liked that you made some more specific requests regarding the kinds of details you wanted on your skirts, not least of all because I LOVE tea, and I LOVE cats.
I have to say, I've never had a request for either of these things before, so I was thrilled to finally be able to use a few pieces I've had hanging around.
The teatowel I made your cat pocket from was actually very stained, so I was only able to salvage one of the cats from it.
But what beauty! I am particularly fond of very frowny cats (my beloved cat, Bunn, was chosen from the cat protection society on account of the fact that she was absolutely the frowniest cat in the joint), so the cat on your pocket is particularly appealing to me because of her cute, furrowed brow (I've decided she's ever-so-slightly torty-tabby). I hope you feel the same.
And the teacup - well! There was a bit of teacup/teapot action to choose from, but in the end I found the opportunity to work with this somewhat bedraggled-looking placemat too fantastic to pass up.
Yes, it was stained, and had a couple of huge holes in it, so there was no way I could use it whole. But crikeys - did it have some potential! And that potential, my friends, was realised with the aid of - yep, you guessed it - vliesofix. Just iron on, cut out, and apply. She's friendly, she is.
I know that when you requested pockets you probably wanted more functional ones than a little embroidered and crocheted teacup-sized one, but seriously - isn't that the cutest thing? I reckon you could probably fit a few $2 coins in it, at the very least. And the "Good Morning" coming out of the cup?? I dare anyone to not feel at least a little bit cheery when they see this skirt.
Posting monday, so you should have them sooooooon! Thank you ever so much - I had a ball. And yes, I will absolutely most definitely be making more skirts after we move to Bega, so if you, or anyone else for that matter wants another one, please do let me know.
x annie


  1. Well now it's getting kinda creepy, cos I also have that Good Morning teacup on a little placemat although mine has a little teabag you can pop in and out of the cup (how cute is that?). I actually use it as a placemat too for my little table display (weird I know in this age of re-purposing).

    You will have to send me your address when you land in Bega because I have found about three teatowels that were meant for you and a little tablecloth. The op shop fairies made a mistake and sent them my way instead of yours, so they need to wing their way to the rightful home.

  2. hey! That's amazing! As the excited soon-to-be recipient of the above skirts, I just sent Annie an email to tell her that I also have a similar Good Morning and teacup doily- there must be a few of them around!Mine's too good to cut up though, isn't it great that some people neglect linen, thus giving creative geniuses an excuse to cut and sew and make something new and wonderful?