Saturday, August 27, 2011

P&E goes to the country

Big changes are afoot dear friends! Pearl and I are getting closer to embarking upon our journey towards self-sufficiency, and to celebrate, I'm downsizing my fabric collection. This photo shows le proverbial tip of le proverbial iceberg.

What does this mean for you? Well, it means that for the next 6 weeks or so, all P&E custom skirts are a phenomenally cheap FIFTY BUCKS EACH! Holy crap, right? AND that includes gift certificates that are claimed before the start of October. Seriously folks, tell your friends. We ain't talkin' 'bout no sweatshop-made-exploitative-disposable type clothing here, we're talkin' 'bout handmade-just
-for-you-in-the-coziness-of-my-own-dining-room type clothes. HUGE difference.
Tops and boleros are also looking pretty attractive at $30 each, but let's face it - if you're wearing a P&E, chances are it's a skirt.
The rules? Well, there's basically only one rule, and that is that the skirt has to be made from fabric that's already in my collection. Here's a close-up of some of what you have to choose from. It's all vintage and/or reclaimed and/or repurposed, so you can rest assured that our poor old planet will be shedding no tears on account of your choices (quite frankly, she's got much more depressing things to cry about).

You can give me colour guidance and general preferences, of course - this is your P&E custom skirt we're talking about, after all - but the whole point of the exercise is to get rid of fabric, so NO DENIM REQUESTS PLEASE!
You can place your order by either emailing me (payment by paypal or direct deposit) or through the Georgie Love website (if you want to use a credit card).
Exciting times.
Oh, and I'm pretty much in love with all this caper from some super-cool couple who live in Brooklyn.
What the heck? Do you need to be talented in the red-felt-fox kind of way and live in Brooklyn? But seriously, who needs Brooklyn anyway... I'm off to the country!


  1. i just feel like saying, i'll buy them all. but them i took a deep breath and calmed down. i do need to order one of each though. let's chat soon. oh and yeah how amazing is that fox, have seen it before, hmm now if only you could get a tatoo that looked like you, can't believe it is all happening. so proud, so proud.

  2. Ooooh... so exciting Annie! Do you have a moving date set? And does this mean I should NOT send you the couple of cool tableclothes I just acquired in Radelaide? Cxxx

  3. Wow! Does that mean you got the job? Congratulations!!! What a lucky little town to receive the likes of you four!