Monday, August 15, 2011

Bubba the sock bunny

For my little friend Ilo's 2nd birthday, I decided to make him a sock bunny. Closely related to ye olde sock monkey, the sock bunny is, I think, a bit cuter and more fun, because you can tie bows around its ears. Though I do have to admit that the sock alien, crafted here by my friend Claire, is also quite outstanding, and a hit with baby Oscar.

When I first started making sock bunnies I was making them for EVERYONE. Seriously, I was obsessed. Then I kind of got over it, because everyone I knew already had a sock bunny, so I had to stop. But then people started kids, thereby creating a whole new generation of people who don't already have sock bunnies! Yee har!

Things I like about the sock bunny (or other sock animal, if you're that way inclined and, unlike me, can move beyond single-species sock-crafting):
* You can use your "I-lost-my-partner-somewhere" lonesome socks. Nothing better than giving something a new life.
* The lips!!! They're made from the heel of the sock! Hilarious!!!!
* Every one you make will have a different character, and you won't know the character of the bunny until it's finished. Cool.
* You can tie ribbons on its ears!
* Kids love 'em, though I suspect Ilo was moderately freaked out when he first saw the bunny, he did eventually give it a cuddle and name it Bubba.
* They're easy to sew while you're doing something else, like watching the terrible ending of series 4 of Big Love.

So next time you find a lone sock, make it into a bunny or some such. It's worth it.

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  1. Oh my goodness he is adorable! You need to post a tutorial so I can follow in your sock obsessed crafting footprints! I can just see Ilo giving him a snuggle in the car on the drive home too.