Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hello sailor!

As I mentioned in my post about Edie's reading gloves, I've got a bit of thing for sailing. I've never actually been on a sailing ship (or any kind of boat really, other than a ferry... and a kayak), but I seriously dig the romance of all things seafaring. Possibly because of (or maybe the cause of??) my infatuation with Herman Melville. And the Decemberists.

So you can imagine my excitement when my real live seafaring friend Vanessa (she actually lived on a real boat!!!!) announced she was pregnant - nautical-themed-baby-quilt-time!!!

What would a sea-baby quilt be without some ribbon 'seaweed', a pirate ship and a cormorant?

Bryn hanging out on deck. Custom-made 'let's not have overboard babies' netting can be seen in the background.

Little Bryn's baby quilt has a bit of boat applique (including a little tiny anchor on a 'rope'), a map (of the far south coast!), some sea-birds and other oceanic paraphernalia, all in a colour theme of blues and greens, of course. 

I was pretty in love with it when it was done, and pretty miffed that I didn't at least get an encouragement award when I entered it in the Bega show. But, as the kids say, 'whatevs'. Because this quilt got to go sailing.

That's right: Vanessa and Ian took little Bryn on a 3 month sailing trip when he was a few months old and the quilt got to go with them. AWESOME.

Ships ahoy!


  1. Vanessa and Bryn are so fortunate to have a talented friend to make such a wonderful quilt. I'm sure he'll treasure it for years and years.

  2. It's a beautiful quilt. If I'd been judging at the show I'd have given it first place.
    I bet you were surprised you had so many fabrics that could be nautical themed in your stash.

  3. I am the very proud, humbled, very grateful recipient of this most exquisite gift. I think when she made the quilt, Annie and I could count on one hand the times we'd hung out together, but we knew we were gonna be great mates from the instant we met, Annie's that kind of person. Bryn adores the quilt, and keeps discovering new bits of it as he gets older. It's getting more and more layers of memories with each passing month. We are super lucky to know Annie and Genevieve, and to be featured on our favourite ever blog is pretty damn special too.

  4. Well I think it is a gorgeous quilt:) What a very lucky little boy.