Sunday, October 5, 2014

And happy happy birthday crochet

There's been a bit of a flurry of birthdays of late, and, in celebration, I've been crocheting up a storm. 

The first crocheted gifts to emerge from the bonanza were these 2 little dragons for 2 of the sweetest little boys I know, Max and Evan, who recently turned 7. It's hard to get a sense of the size of them (the dragons, not the boys. The boys are normal 7 year old size) from the picture (when I found the pattern online I thought they'd turn out to be quite big), so I should say that these little fellas pretty much fit in the palm of your hand, which is pretty darn cute. I was really happy with how they turned out, and was relieved to hear that there was no issue with the fact that the green dragon was a little smaller, on account of me using different yarn. They were both 8 ply, made form the same pattern, using the same hook, but I guess the fluffiness of the blue mohair made it a bit bigger. The boys love their dragons, and have been sleeping with them every night. Success.

Next up was this giraffe for a little person called Iris, who, according to Olive has "sensational hair". Iris loves soft toys and giraffes, and has named this crocheted friend Gingerbread. Awesome. The pattern for this giraffe is pretty simple (good for a beginner), and turns out a pretty cute, cuddly little gift, though someone really needs to tell the lady who wrote it how to use apostrophes correctly.
 Last, but definitely not least, I made a frog dissection model for my brother.
When I found this pattern, I was super excited. What's not to love about a crocheted frog that you can open up and take the guts out of?? But I knew that not just any old person would appreciate such a gift, so I chose my target carefully, knowing full well that my bro is as much of a sicko as me when it comes to this stuff, so would give the frog the reverence it deserved.

The frog, and  its innards, were a little more complex than the giraffe and the dragons, but I believe the result was well worth it. I even labeled all the guts so my bro could properly identify everything when he 'dissected' the frog. It's true that a crocheted spleen may not be immediately recognisable, even to the most seasoned biological scientist.
As I said in my card to him "if spending hours crocheting tiny frog innards doesn't say 'I love you', I don't know what does".

But even if it's not frog innards you're inclined to crochet, spending hours making anything for someone always says 'I love you' in a way a bought present just can't. Go forth and create, people!


  1. Oh yes I was supposed to photograph boys with dragons. Sorry but have been swanning in the big city and just slipped from the agenda. Dragons continue to rock in our house. And dragon creators are held in high regard. Vx