Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A custom skirt for Tricia

I may have mentioned once or twice before that I really love making custom clothes for people. Really, truly, and honestly love it. Whether this be a bolero or a dress for a special occasion or, more often, a skirt (or 3 or 4) for the new season, it's always fun, and it's always different. I love learning a little bit about people - what they're interested in (horses, chooks, wombats, plants...), what kinds of colours they love, and maybe a little bit about where and when they're going to be wearing the clothes I make for them.

I love it when people send me photos of themselves wearing the clothes, and when they send happy little messages about how the clothes make them feel great.

I love it when they give me lots of ideas, and I love it when they give me none, leaving the whole thing up to me.

I love the fact that, because the skirts are custom - made to the exact measurements of the lady in question - they're going to fit just right. Because really, who's just a size 14? We've all got different bumps and big bits, we're all different heights, and we all like to wear our skirts at varying lengths depending on how we feel about showing off our knees/thighs/whatever.

Which is why a custom skirt makes sense!! It's also nice to get something that's made by someone who's happy doing it (ie, not exploited), made from recycled materials (or not), using sun-power, that comes to you in the mail with a happy little note and some nice coloured sticky-tape on the outside. Don't you think?

Tricia, from the lovely lovely blog, Little Eco Footprints obviously agrees, because she recently ordered a custom skirt from me, which I happily made for her today, sitting in the sun listening to Jordie Lane.

It's made from a blimmin' beautiful zig-zag print sheet (from back in the day when Target still sold floral zig zag print sheets made from 100% cotton) and pockets of native bird teatowel, with my new favourite ric-rac fancy trim.
Oh, and it's a wrap n' go, so it'll fit all the time, even when she's had a big delicious lunch from her garden.

 If you would like to have a nice-fitting skirt made just for you, by me, please send me an email - pearlandelspeth at gmail dot com. I'm really missing making custom skirts for people now that Georgie Love is gone (*sob*), so if you - or someone you know - are in the market for some spring/summer wares, my fabric collection and I are here for you. And, in case you didn't know, I also do gift certificates, so you can give ladies you love a custom skirt at prez-time. Fun, yes?


  1. It's gorgeous Annie! I love it. Thank you. I love that each time I put on this skirt I'll imagine you sitting in the sun in your gorgeous little tiny home. x
    p.s. I just transferred the $'s for the second skirt

  2. Another beautiful handmade creation. The rosella pockets are amazing. x

  3. I love that you use sun power to sew, it makes your lovely skirts even lovelier. :)