Saturday, July 27, 2013

Updates from the teatowel-a-thon

As I think I mentioned before, the teatowel-a-thon is chugging along quite nicely, and we're almost ready to purchase our sausage-making equipment. Yee har! Thanks so much everyone for your orders. It's been really fun to work with you on creating some new things. 
Of course, there have been some old favourites, like this bolero I made for Amy, in Melbourne. Tried and true, the teatowel bolero is always fun, because each teatowel/bias binding combo means that they're all new, and they all have their own character. Yay for handmade character-filled clothes, I say.
I have also had orders for new things, like pinnies and shift dresses, which I've never made before, so enjoyed the challenge of adventuring from my sewing comfort zone.
Quite early on in the sale I got a request for a blanket with Australiana patches. What a cool idea! Strangely, the thought had never crossed my mind before, so was grateful to Jillian for raising the suggestion. Luckily for Jillian and I, my mum had recently been to a garage sale and picked up some brand new, still in their packets 100% wool blankets. They're bloody beautiful, and this green plaid was, I thought, perfect for a spot of Australiana embellishment. I picked out a few choice patches - animals, birds, flowers, and an amazing, embroidered black swan - and got to work.

I don't often sew things this big. I think the last big thing I sewed was a bedspread I made for Pearl a few years ago. So I'd forgotten how tricky it is to get the big thing - in this case a thick, snuggly wool blanket - around the sewing machine. I suppose there are sewing machines especially made for sewing big stuff?? I don't believe mine is one of these, and I find the sewing of big things slightly challenging. But thankfully, not impossible. 
After wrestling with the blanket and the patches for several hours, I spread it out in the sun and admired my handiwork. I was pleased. It reminds me of a scout blanket (in a good way!!). The snuggly green wool and the bright Australiana patches work perfectly together, and I can't wait to see what it looks like on a bed or couch. It'll definitely keep you warm Jillian!

I hope you enjoy your blanket and bolero girls! I certainly enjoyed making them for you.


  1. Gosh love the bolero Annie. I'm so excited to be receiving one of your creations. x

  2. Hey lovely Zara!!! Nice seeing you in this gorgeous little bloggy neck of the woods:) Annie sure is a clever gal! x

  3. Hi Annie... I was wondering about ordering something for Peggy to wear to a wedding in November... As much pink as you can find/stomach. Something twirly. But of course, coming from you, it will have character. What do you think? R x