Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The end of an era

Yesterday I made this custom skirt for a lady called Christy. I was pretty excited when the order came through from Georgie Love, because Christy was after a yellow- and/or orange- themed skirt, and I just love the sunshiny hues. It just so happened that I had a delightful vintage poppy print just ready and waiting to go, too. 
The sad bit about this skirt order, though, is that, after 4 years of happy sewing, it will be my last order for Georgie Love. The delightful, fruitful relationship I've had with this most awesome of handmade-stuff providores has now come to an end, on account of the fact that Sal has finally decided to call it quits. 

That's right folks:  Georgie Love is about to close its cyber doors. *sob*

Obviously, this is a massive blow to hand-makers and handmade-lovers all over the world. Sal and Georgie stocked some beautiful wares. And in addition to having extremely delicious taste in handmade stuff, making their shop freaking awesome, they are also just generally tops individuals. OK... I've never actually met Georgie (the dog), but I'm sure he's a fine fellow.

Sal, I know for a fact, is ace-balls. Super-supportive and helpful of my crafty endeavours, endlessly patient with my sometimes outrageously doofus attitude towards computers and the inter-web, thoughtful, generous and at times (like when she talked me into buying the most expensive piece of clothing I have EVER owned) wickedly persuasive. And she's super cool.

But she's decided that Georgie Love is something she needs a break from. So from now on, I'll be forced to fend for myself in the big wide cyber-world. This is terrifying for me (on account of aforementioned cyber-doofus-ness) but probably happy for Sal - when you need a break, you need a break.

Sal - I wish you all the very best in your future endeavours!

Christy - I hope you like your sunshiny, historically-significant skirt. I find it quite fetching myself...

All the rest of you - to help Sal clear out her excess Georgie Love stock, she's offering 40% off when you use the checkout coupon code 'FINAL'. That's a pretty stunning discount. I ordered a few things myself, like this little house brooch for Pearl cuz... you know... we built a little house and stuff. 

This crazy-ass closing-down discount also means that you, dear reader, can snavel the remaining Georgie Love P&Es (including some sweet little-girl mini P&E tea-towel skirts) for a crazy price. CRAZY. Check 'em out. And from now on, if you want a custom P&E (or a bolero, or a bridesmaids/formal/wedding frock, or a crocheted stubby holder, etc etc), you'll have to come to me direct. On the inter-web. By sending me an email. Scary stuff...


  1. Hello,

    That's my skirt, I love it so much!

    Thanks a lot,

    1. Yay Christy! I'm so pleased you love it! Don't forget to tell your friends about the sale! xxx